If there is more than one winner for the Bonus Jackpot, including SMALL BONUS, BIG BONUS, and SUPER BONUS, the Bonus prizes that redeem from Jackpot will then be divided equally amongst each “Qualified Winner”. Please find below for the Bonus Sharing sample scenario:

Same Day Distribution (SDD) Policy

To ensure the fairness of our jackpot distribution, we are applying on the Same Day Distribution (SDD) policy in managing our jackpot pool.

Figure shown above will be updating on every 30 minutes from our jackpot pool for the same day result. Upcoming sales will only counting on the same draw date. For example, if a player is buying a 4D number for 3 days (e.g. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) in a row. Only today’s sales will be counted on today’s jackpot pool, while the second and third days (Tuesday and Wednesday) sales are counting into pool at the following days.

GD Jackpot Exchange Rate

What is "GD Jackpot Exchange Rate"?This is our internal currency rate system that controlling all the incoming and outgoing amount within our jackpot pool. Being a multi-national operator, we need a methodology to manage each different type of currency across the entire Asean countries, as well as the policy in managing our high volume of daily accumulating jackpot pool!

We need a transparent and fairness policy, hence we created this, GD Jackpot Exchange Rate to unify the jackpot distribution for all the incoming and outgoing contribution within the pool. In this policy, we will have our exchange rate for each country for both sales contribution and jackpot payout.

For instance, the exchange rate for USD to MYR is 1:4, and therefore players who purchase their 4D number in MYR must achieve at least MYR4, in order to meet our jackpot qualification of "USD1 per 4D number". In this scenario, mean GDLotto are also unifying all sales transacted in MYR at the exchange rate of 1:4. In return, all jackpot payout from this unified Jackpot pool will also distribute to all jackpot winners at the exchange rate of 1:4. Another word, if the winner won USD10,000 from the jackpot pool, then he/she will get MYR40,000 (USD10,000 x 4).